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Alisea Reefers - Logo
Torre de reefers Marítima Alisea
Alisea Reefers - Logo

Marítima Alisea has a division specialized in the transportation of agri-food and perishable products through the use of latest generation reefer refrigerated containers.

Experts in transporting perishables using reefer containers

Through our Alisea Reefers service we commercialize 40' and 45' reefer containers between the ports of Barcelona, Alicante, Sagunto, Las Palmas and Tenerife. Our aim is to ensure that your products arrive at their destination with their qualities intact and in the shortest possible time: fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and any cargo that requires a controlled temperature.

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Our Reefer Containers

45 HCPW Reefer container


These 45 feeds containers can work in the temperature range from -40 º C to + 54 º C. The capacity is 83.70 m3, have a load rails, six tonnes tare and are supporting up to 26 tonnes of cargo.

  • Outside (m)
  • Inside (m)
  • Lenght
  • 13,716
  • 13,280
  • Width
  • 2,556
  • 2,440
  • Height
  • 2,896
  • 2,583
  • Are you thinking of shipping frozen or refrigerated cargo?

    At Alisea Reefers we are specialists in the logistics of perishables between the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands. We know how delicate your goods are and we know each and every one of the details that must be considered when transporting refrigerated, frozen or fresh products. Our highly qualified staff will guide and advise you throughout the process to ensure that your products travel optimally to their destination.

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